GRD Modules

Leads Assigning & Monitoring

Effectively assign and track leads within your real estate team. Streamline lead management processes, ensuring timely follow-ups and maximizing conversion rates.

Marketing Campaigns Analysis

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Analyze campaign performance, track conversions, and refine your marketing strategies to maximize results.

Payment Plans Listing & Generating

Create and manage payment plans for your clients. Generate payment schedules, track payment status, and streamline financial processes to ensure smooth transactions

Clients Follow Management

Keep track of client interactions, communication history, and follow-up activities. Maintain a comprehensive view of client relationships, allowing for personalized and targeted engagement.

Internal Tasks Sending & Receiving

Facilitate seamless communication and task management within your team. Assign tasks, send notifications, and track progress, ensuring efficient collaboration and workflow management.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Monitor individual and team performance metrics to identify areas of improvement. Track sales targets, deal closures, and other performance indicators to motivate your team and drive success.

Sales Analysis & Reports

Gain valuable insights into your sales performance with in-depth analysis and reporting features. Monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategies.

Units Stock Listing & Searching

Easily manage and search for available units or properties in your inventory. Keep track of unit details, availability status, and generate reports to streamline property listings and sales processes.

Customer Care Surveys & Analysis

Gather valuable feedback from your customers through surveys and analyze the results to enhance customer satisfaction. Gain insights into their needs, preferences, and suggestions for continuous improvement.